About me

I am a web developer and project manager with 5 years of experience in the creation of web sites, complex information systems, content management systems and mobile applications.

I have analytical skills and taste for good design. I am open minded, team oriented with international experience, and I can rapidly adapt to new working environments.

In the past years I have worked as web developer and web designer to finally find myself well fitted to act as a web project manager.


Web developer / Project manager

tremani.nl    jul. 2010 — aug. 2013

At Tremani, a web agency based in Delft, The Netherlands, I am involved in the production of web and mobile applications as a web developer and also as a Project Manager, within a team of designers and programmers.

I work on both small project as well as bigger information systems, for which I have to solve problems in groups and find the best solution for each case and client.

Creativity also has its place in my daily work, as I get involved in user interface conception or wireframing at the early stage of projects.

As a project manager I take part to the writing documents such as functional designs, offers, hours calculations.

» Reference person: Luuk Platschorre, Creative Director & Owner of Tremani

Freelance Web developer / Web designer

fat-man-collective.com    jul. 2008 — jun. 2010

I worked as a freelance web developer and web designer, for some projects on my own and for others within a collective of digital creative freelancers, called Fat-Man Collective, in Barcelona, Spain.

It was a very challenging time for me, as I had to produce great work and at the same time I had to learn how to promote my own work and find the next projects to work on. I was involved in the definition of projects with other web agencies (like Actweb.fr or Spin-Interactive.com) or directly with my own clients (like Simply-Land.com, CTAE.org or Etikstudio.com).

As a freelancer within this collective I developed my skills in web project conception, design and development.

» Reference person: David Okuniev, Founder & Creative Director of Fat-Man Collective


Education & languages

Web / Multimedia Engineer

IMAC Engineering school, Paris, 2005 — 2008

I studied at the IMAC engineering school, to graduate as a web/multimedia engineer in three years.

This school is empowered by the Engineer Qualification Commission (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs). It is the only public engineering school combining arts and sciences.

The multidisciplinary teaching methods associate creative spirit and scientific training for a professional insertion in digital communication, multimedia, video games, audiovisual.


French Native
English Full professional proficiency, daily usage
Catalan Professional proficiency (wife is Catalan)
German Professional proficiency (3 years Bautzen)
Dutch Professional proficiency (3 years Delft)
Spanish Professional proficiency (2 years Barcelona)
Alsatian Elementary (hobby)


Hereunder is some of my favourite projects I have worked on. » Overview of all my work


Skills & tools used

Project Management


Tasks scheduling, Team oriented, Meetings, Handling client feedback, Validation, Solving problems in groups, Coordination with international experience, Planning, Communication, Documentation, Reports, Open to suggestions, Wireframe

» Overview of Project Management projects


Tools & softwares

Basecamp, Sifter, Mantis, Axure, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

Web Development


Front-end and Back-end, Content Management System, Databases, Model-view-controller MVC pattern, Refactoring, Working environments (development, test, staging, production), Solid and robust code, Intelligent data structure, Code quality, Optimisation, Modular development, Mini games, Use Case Analysis, Flow charts, Maintenance, Bug fixing, Subversion, Data migration, Widgets, GIS data, Media encoding

» Overview of Web Development projects


Languages, tools & softwares

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Yii Php Framework, Tortoise SVN, HTML5, HeidiSQL, Notepad++, NetBeans, CSV, JSON, AJAX, PhpMyAdmin, UML, SQL queries, CodeIgniter, WordPress, TCPDF, FPDF, FFMPEG, OpenLayers, Google Maps API, XML, Wabbit Content Management Systems, Sequel Server, SOAP, Cron job, Putty, SSH, WinSCP, XSleuth, Mantis, PhoneGap Build, Commit Monitor, CKEditor, Disqus, Stack Overflow, Cheatography cheat cheets, Eclipse, Android, iOS, Windows 7, Mac OSX

Web and Graphic Design


Project conception, Creative ideas, Graphic design, Accessibility, Print brochure, User Interface design, Interactivity, Ergonomics, Cross browser compatibility, Data tables, Data visualisation, Responsive layout

» Overview of Web & Graphic Design projects


Languages, tools & softwares

HTML5, CSS, W3C Standards, Adobe Photoshop, xHTML, HTML, IETester, FireBug, Bootstrap, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Highcharts.

At ISU Summer Session Program 2007, Yann Lorber made creative and innovative solutions to complex problems. He worked well in the multi- cultural environment and communicated clearly with the multi-national team. From my observations he is ready to meet the professional demands related to project management in a computer and multimedia related domain...


Cooking & friends

I like cooking with my wife, and welcoming family and friends at home.


I like discussions about space and space technologies since my wife and some friends are space geeks! I even had the great pleasure to assist the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2009 in Deajon, South Korea by winning a web design contest.


I enjoy playing soccer for real with friends, on my console, on my computer as a virtual trainer or even with the little puppets of table soccer!


Volunteering as a head translator for the french language of an online football manager game, Rocking Soccer.